Better insight into environmental performance of growers

The collaboration between certification organizations MPS and Fairtrade should provide better insight into the climate impact and other environmental performance of ornamental growers.

An agreement to ratify the collaboration was recently signed during the horticultural trade fair IPM Essen. The insight into environmental performance applies to ornamental growers who participate in the MPS-ABC and Fairtrade quality marks. Both organizations will further investigate how it becomes easier for growers to obtain both MPS and Fairtrade certificates.

The collaboration includes data reporting from MPS to Fairtrade on the use of crop protection products, fertilizers and energy. This only happens with the consent of the participating companies. Certified companies are also asked to have their footprint calculated with the HortiFootprint Calculator. This provides more information about the environmental impact at company level for both growers and the certification organizations.

Wildernis welcomes more transparency regarding environmental performance. As a sustainable plant shop, it currently takes a lot of extra work to select the right sustainably grown plants. In addition, greater insight into environmental performance will give growers a better picture and it will be easier for them to determine where more profit can be achieved in terms of reducing environmental impact.

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