Our store at the Bilderdijkstraat is open seven days a week. Stroll around among the plants, pots, books, accessories and green gifts. Ask for personal plant advice. Or immerse yourself in our green oasis with a cup of coffee or thea.

The products in our webshop and store are made with a lot of love and care and have a unique Wildernis signature. We work together with special illustrators, designers and small Dutch makers. Everything close by and as sustainable as possible.

Wildernis has a mission: making the city greener in a sustainable way. We do this by working together with other green professionals and organisations. Together we set up projects and organize workshops and lectures about plants, nature and (urban) gardening.

Would you like to know more about how organic and sustainable our Wildernis products are? Click here for more information.

About us

We are Emma and Fabian, the owners of Wildernis on the Bilderdijkstraat, a green oasis in the heart of Amsterdam. We are constantly looking for sustainably produced and/or organic products and plants. That is not only better for the environment. The plants are healthier and last longer!

We hope to show you what green can do. So, if you step into our shop, we hope a kind of calmness will come over you. The urban chaos will fall off your shoulders. The interest to all this green will slowly bubble up and you even will want to touch everything. We hope that once you’ve been into our Wilderness, you won’t actually want to leave. And when you go, that you step out the door full of inspiration to green up your place in the city as well.

Because everyone can do something with plants. You don’t have to be a connoisseur, you can grow green fingers. Start small and easy, attend a workshop, buy a book and/or ask us all the questions you want to ask. Come by, we’ll help you out!