What is the difference between organic grown plants and sustainably grown plants?

When growing plants sustainably, attention is paid to a number of environmental themes that growers must pay attention to: Crop protection (including pesticides), Fertilizers, Energy, Waste and Water. A grower can make a difference in all these subjects with regard to adverse effects on people and the environment.

With organic grown plants, it is mandatory that the entire cultivation process takes place in a natural manner. So no chemical pesticides may be used and no artificial fertilizers may be used. In any case, organic plants are grown without:
– Synthetic pesticides and pesticides
– Mineral fertilizers
– Herbicides
– Inhibitors
– Cultivated in low-peat substrate

Wildernis only has organically grown outdoor plants. Unfortunately, there are only a limited number of organic growers for indoor plants. Nevertheless, 30% of the indoor plants of Wildernis are organically grown! Also, Wildernis has chosen, besides the organic growers, to require at least MSP-A certification as a standard for its growers. These growers aim to use no or limited use of chemical pesticides or organic alternatives. These growers also pay attention to the use of fertilizers by using alternatives to artificial fertilizers such as organic fertilizers or fertilizers that do not contain nitrogen or phosphate.