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Schefflera Amate XL


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This beautiful large (125 cm) strong plant is super easy. In English, the plant is also called the Umbrella tree. It can withstand drought and a lot of (sun) light. Let this Schefflera Amate also be grown sustainably *, and we have a winner! Urban jungle, here we come!

Height of plant: 125 cm
Pot diameter: 24 cm

Care instructions: The Schefflera prefers a light position and can withstand a lot of sunlight. Make sure that the soil remains slightly moist in the summer (especially with a lot of sun). In winter you can let the soil dry slightly between waterings. Check the soil regularly and prevent the plant from standing in a layer of water. The schefflera likes a good spray, especially in winter when the air in your house is more dry. In addition, the leaves remain nice and clean. In spring and summer you give the plant a little plant food once every two weeks.

* Sustainably grown: This plant comes with the Fair Flora label. That means an honest and sustainable plant. The environmental impact has been calculated and is actively being improved. In addition, CO2 emissions are compensated and the nursery is actively engaged in CSR (corporate social responsibility). The grower also receives a fair price for the product, so that further sustainability is made possible.

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Dimensions 125 cm