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Plantduo Coniogramme & Ctenanthe Amagris + pots white + sprayer


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Also a nice bunch! The Ctenanthe Amagris loves to dance (like his sister Burle Marxii). In the evening this plant pulls up its leaves so that you can see the aubergine-colored underside. That’s why the plant is also called ‘prayer plant’. The remarkable Coniogramme emeiensis also has many nicknames: Chinese bamboo fern for example, or Golden Zebra. Both plants are grown sustainably *!

The Ctenanthe and the Coniogramme will be delivered in two white pots from Wildernis: Nelis 4 and Bertus speckled with a value of € 33. Beautiful glazed ceramic, produced in the Netherlands.

Also included is an amber-colored Wildernis sprayer, worth € 9,95, perfect for spraying your plants.

Height plant Ctenanthe Amagris: 20-25 cm / height plant Coniogramme: 25-26 cm
Wildernis pot Nelis height: 12.5 cm, diameter: 12.5 cm / pot Bertus height: 14.5 cm, diameter: 14 cm
Plant sprayer height: 20 cm, content: 30 cl.

Care instructions: De Ctenanthe needs a light spot, but out of the sun. This plant is not poisonous. The Coniogramme is a fern, so it prefers a light position without too much direct sunlight. This plant is poisonous, so be careful with kids and pets. The following applies to both plants: keep the soil slightly moist, water a little regularly (at room temperature) and check the soil regularly. But also prevent the plants from standing in a layer of water, because this causes root rot. This duo likes a weekly spray, especially in the winter when the air in your home is more dry. A saucer of water on the heater also helps. In spring and summer you give both plants a little plant food once every two weeks.

* Sustainably grown: This plant comes with the Fair Flora label. A Fair Flora plant is a fair and sustainable plant. The environmental impact has been calculated and is actively being improved. In addition, the CO2 emissions are compensated and the nursery is actively engaged in CSR (corporate social respoonsibility). The grower also receives a fair price for the product, so that further sustainability is made possible.

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