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Philodendron Green Wonder


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The Philodendron Green Wonder originally comes from the rainforest of South America. This plant, 80 cm high, has large leaves on long stems, which grow widely apart. The foliage is beautiful and purifies the air. An easy and strong houseplant. Urban jungle, here we come!

Height of plant: 80 cm
Pot diameter: 24 cm

Care instructions: The Philodendron likes slightly moist potting soil, but cannot tolerate too much water. Therefore, give the plant small amounts of water regularly, and only do this when the potting soil starts to dry up. The Philodendron likes a spray, so you not only keep the humidity level, but you also protect the plant against pests and remove the dust. Put the plant in a light spot, without too long (summer) sunlight. A little darker is also possible.

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Dimensions 80 cm