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Euphorbia Erytrea (cowboycactus)


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Euphorbia Erytrea is also known as ‘cowboy cactus’. But officially Euphorbias are not cacti. Fortunately, they are just as easy to care for. Euphorbias can grow meters high in nature, but the plant grows much more slowly in the living room. In short: this one is an easy going eyecatcher.

Height of plant: 85 cm
Pot diameter: 21 cm

Care instructions:
A Euphorbia can live without water for a long time. These plants – just like cacti – are able to absorb and retain many times their own weight in water. In spring and summer, you should therefore let the soil dry between waterings. Be careful not to water too much, if you are not sure, wait a little longer. Too little water is no problem for this plant, but too much causes root rot, and it will not survive that. When the days start to get shorter, you water even less. Two months without water is no problem at all in winter. In terms of location, the plant is also easy: it can be placed in a light and sunny spot. Finally, be careful with touching if you damage the Euphorbia. The plant contains juice which is poisonous.

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Dimensions 85 cm