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Caladium Candidum


‘Caladium Candidum’ likes the shade so no direct sunlight
Tuber, to be planted in spring
Size: jumbo (II)

Plant the tuber about 10 to 15 centimeters deep in a pot of about 15 cm diameter. Plant the right side up: this is the side where you see bulges, the plant will grow here. If you accidentally plant the tuber incorrectly, it will eventually emerge, it only takes longer. Still not sure? Plant it sideways.

Use airy soil and place the pot in a warm and light place. Water moderately until the first shoots emerge, but keep the soil slightly moist. When more leaves appear and the temperature rises, you can give more water.

Caladiums originally come from tropical forests in South and Central America, so they love warm and humid weather. Water the Caladium regularly and keep the soil slightly moist. They grow best in the shade or with indirect sunlight. Although most species also grow well in sunlight, as long as they get enough water. Caladiums that are in the sun a lot will need more water than Caladiums in the shade. But too much water can cause irreparable damage to the roots of the plant.

Winter rest:
When the plant comes in the winter rest (you notice that because the outer leaves slowly die) you can give less water. When all the leaves have died, stop watering. You can dig out the tuber and clean it for storage for the next growing season, keep the clean tuber in vermiculite or dry newspapers so that it stays dry. But you can also leave it in the pot and put it away in a dry and dark place. In the spring you bring it out again and you start with moderate watering.

If there is no longer night frost, and the soil is no longer cold, caladium tubers can also be planted outside in the soil. You can also let them grow in the house first and plant them outside when it is warm enough.

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