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Alocasia plant + cognac pot + Wildernis sprayer


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Because of his large leaves, the sustainably grown* Alocasia ‘Macrorrhizos’ is also called elephant ear. A marvellous jungleplant of almost 60 cm high.
This Alocasia comes in a cognac pot called ‘Truus’, worth € 24,95, designed by Wildernis. Beautiful glazed ceramic, produced in the Netherlands.
Also included is an amber-colored Wildernis sprayer, worth € 9,95, perfect for spraying your plants.

Plant height: 55-60 cm
Pot height: 18 cm, pot diameter: 17.5 cm
Height plant sprayer: 20 cm, volume: 30 cl.

Care instructions: The Alocasia ‘Macrorrhizos’ likes high humidity. So spray frequently, at least 1x per week. Preferably more often in winter, because the air in your house is more dry. A saucer of water on the heater also helps. Always keep the soil of the Alocasia moist, as it will grow well. Therefore, regularly check the soil, it must not dry out. But also prevent the plant from standing in a layer of water, because this causes root rot. In spring and summer you give this plant a little plantfood once every 2 weeks. Favorite location is a light spot, with, if possible, a little sunlight (not too long and too much). An occasional yellow leaf is normal, you just cut it away. Turn the plant regularly, because it grows towards the light. With Alocasias, some water sometimes drips from the leaves, this is called guttation. This is how it removes excess water. The juice of the plant is slightly poisonous, that’s not so bad on your skin, but swallowing it is a bad idea. So, this plant is not suitable for pets that chew leaves. Are you going for the big one? Repot the Alocasia every 2 to 3 years to a larger pot with fresh potting soil.

* Sustainably grown: This plant comes with the Fair Flora label. A Fair Flora plant is a fair and sustainable plant. The environmental impact has been calculated and is actively being improved. In addition, the CO2 emissions are compensated and the nursery is actively engaged in CSR (corporate social respoonsibility). The grower also receives a fair price for the product, so that further sustainability is made possible.

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