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Sun loving duo in pots


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Bring some African vibes into your home with this special duo who originate in this warm continent. Real sun lovers!

Care instructions:
The Sanseveria Rhino likes to be in a sunny spot, but can also be placed in a light spot without sun. Only water the Rhino when the soil has dried out completely. If it is sunny, it can use a little more water, but watch out for ‘wet feet’.

The Desert Rose is a special appearance that can even flower. A place with a few hours of sun is ideal, otherwise at least a very bright place. But if you want the plant to bloom, it really needs sun. The Desert Rose wants slightly moist soil in the summer, but can dry out a bit in winter. Make sure that no water remains in the pots.

Sanseveria cycl. Rhino (pot size 8 cm)
Desert rose (Adenium obesum) (pot size 6 cm)

Pot 1: Ø7 cm height: 6.5 cm
Pot 2: Ø8 cm height: 7.5 cm

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