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DIY-package terrarium M


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DIY – This mini ecosystem comes as a Do It Yourself pack. It contains everything you need and step-by-step instructions to get started yourself.


Botanical mix
The plants in this DIY package are carefully selected for color and diversity. Every month the composition of plants that are available at that moment changes. As a result, they can deviate in color, shape and size from the image on the webshop.

* Sustainability: The Plants are MPS-certified plants, and the origin of the moss is known. Furthermore, the glassware is recycled and from European certified manufacturers.

Care instructions:
Click on this link for a detailed explanation about the care of your terrarium. (In Dutch)
Find answers to questions such as:
– Where is the best place to put my terrarium?
-Do I have to water my ecosystem?
-My ecosystem grows so well that the plant grows against the lid or cork. What now?

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Dimensions 22 × 26 cm
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