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DIY terrarium Ginseng


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DIY – This mini ecosystem comes as a Do It Yourself pack. It contains everything you need and step-by-step instructions to get started yourself.


Bonsai for beginners
The Ficus Ginseng has whimsically shaped aerial roots, and shiny oval leaves. This asian beauty, who looks somewhat like a bonsai tree, comes with a carefully selected botanical plant.

* Sustainability: The Plants are MPS-certified plants, and the origin of the moss is known. Furthermore, the glassware is recycled and from European certified manufacturers.

Care instructions:
Click on this link for a detailed explanation about the care of your terrarium. (In Dutch)
Find answers to questions such as:
– Where is the best place to put my terrarium?
– Do I have to water my ecosystem?
– My ecosystem thrives so well that the plants grow against the lid or cork. What now?

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